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A Day in the Life
at Good Times MultiSport Camp

You can expect lots of fun & lots of sports every day at camp!

Here's a breakdown of what a day at camp looks like...


Sign In 

Sign-in begins at 8:45 am every morning where you will be greeted by our friendly Site Director & check your kid in for camp. 

Each kid will receive a coloured wrist band that matches their team colour, to help for a smooth check-in experience!

We'll also have your camp t-shirt waiting for you the first day!


Team Building Activity

Once your child has been checked-in, they use their colour-coded wrist band to find their team with the matching colour.  They will be greeted by their Team Coach & meet their teammates for the week!

First things first ... every day starts with a fun ice-breaker activity to help them settle in and connect with their team and coach! 

At Good Times MultiSport, we love putting kids on teams with their friends, and you can request to be with friends when you fill out your registration. 


Sports Stations

Kids spend most of the day rotating through sports stations! Each sports station is focused on a specific Good Times Sport, where a dedicated Sports Coach leads teams through the following activities: 


Warm Up & Stretch

Kids warm up & stretch with their teams, so they are ready to go!

Fun Activities to Develop Skills

No boring drills here! Instead, we focus on fun activities and games that allow kids to develop sports skills!

Mini Challenges

A chance to test your skills in a competitive & supportive environment! How accurate is your soccer shot? How far can you throw a frisbee? What's your fastest time through the obstacle course?

Actual Games

Kids experience the joy of playing actual games with their team, cheered on by their team coach!



Which Sports?

At Good Times, our sports include: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball sports, Kickball, Handball, and Ultimate Frisbee, as well as large group games!


Every day, kids will try 4 of the above sports as they travel through 4 Sports Stations. They won't do the exact same sports every day, but kids will have multiple opportunities throughout the week to play each sport! 


Sports Station #1

Featuring Soccer (or one of our other Good Times Sports!)


Quick Break

A quick break for bathroom breaks, water & to catch their breath!


Sports Station #2

Featuring Basketball (or one of our other Good Times Sports!)



Kids will need to bring their own lunch to camp and will eat lunch together with their coach and teammates. Lunch is a good time to refuel and hang out as a team. Lunch will conclude with a team building activity. 


At lunch, we also make sure to help kids

reapply sunscreen. 

**PM half day participants will join the team building activity at the end of lunch.



Outdoor + Indoor Facilities

All our Good Times MultiSport Camps have both indoor & outdoor facilities! 

We plan to be outside for most of the day, whenever we can, but on those super hot days (when we need a cool place for a break) or when Calgary weather is unpredictable (we all know Calgary) or when we are playing a game that works better with walls ... we are pleased to have indoor options for all Good Times MultiSport camps!


Sports Station #3

Featuring Baseball sports (or one of our other Good Times Sports!)


Quick Break

A quick 10 minute break for water, bathroom runs & to catch their breath!


Sports Station #4

Featuring Ultimate Frisbee (or one of our other Good Times Sports!)

Kids Playing Tug of War


Good Times Station

Every day, one of the 4 sports stations will be the Good Times Station! This is special station has a focus on team building activities and large group games (like dodgeball & capture the flag!)  


End of the Day Wrap-Up

Wrapping up our day with team huddles & affirmations from team coaches. Kid Pick-up is at 4:00 pm. Any adult picking up kids must show valid photo ID.


Half-Day Camps

Half-day campers will follow the same flow every day with the following changes:

AM Camps: 9AM-12PM 

PM Camps: 1PM-4PM

Half-Day Campers will visit TWO sports stations a day, and will have the chance to try all sports at least 1x/week. 

Half-Day Campers will not bring a lunch, but are encouraged to bring a snack. 


A week of playing sports & endless fun!

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